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When the UK government ignores mounting evidence for climate breakdown, three British scientists turn to civil disobedience to warn the public themselves, risking arrest, a criminal record and their professional reputations.

A window into the world of reluctant activism, Plan Z explores the power of protest when established routes of influence fail.


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"It possibly looks extreme or crazy or a bit mad. For me, this is a plan Z, everything else has been tried."

“Rent-a-mob”, “get a job”, “hemp-smelling hippies”, “eco-terrorists”. Taking part in civil disobedience invites a cacophony of stereotypical labels from politicians, media outlets and passers-by. But who are climate protestors, really? Our cameras have continually been drawn to scientists emerging from the pages of their academic journals and taking a stand. Theirs is a deeply moral, personal quest, seeking to right decades of wilful neglect of their profession by governments. As their research, then their public influence, has failed to gain traction, their presence on the streets is now a last-resort act to communicate the urgency of climate breakdown to the public – it’s their Plan Z.


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